Visual Darts - Dart League Software

Used for keeping statistics for leagues and clubs. For Windows 95/98/2000 NT and XP Also users have advised it works on Win 7 32 bit.

Visual Darts keeps all player statistics and can display the result reports on screen or printer friendly print out. The database is very small as it creates all data on the fly. You input what data you want a report on, and visual darts gets it from the database.

Visual Darts stores all the raw data in its database and will present it to you in a variety of formats. At any time you can select detail reports per player or team each week, or any number of weeks you select or season commencing to date. You can check to see who is the highest average this week or year to date.

Visual Darts records all this data and more.

� Stores and recalls all historical data.

� Individual player. (whether male or female)

� Will sort female players from male players.

� All male players.

� Or just all players.

� Can set the number of team players, whether 4 players per side or a 100 players.

� Will Separate whether the player is in a steel or soft tip league.

� Can control Different leagues.

� Different teams within leagues.

� Records league members even if they are not active players, simply social members.

� Has a concise search. Can find any portion of a name or address or tel no: by entering only one or two letters or numbers for any selected group of players regardless the size of the team. at a click of the button you can find out what players live in what zip code area.

� Your choice on selecting team size, you have complete flexibility.

� Will also record whether a player has paid his fees. Yes/no or only partially and the amount.

� Security: has special passwords which are given by the system administrator.

� If more than one person inputs data visualdarts automatically records the person.

� If an input error is made you know who is responsible.

� You are able to assign your own points value for the finishing team position of a player.

� Records the total of all the dart scores during the game.

� Records throws. Then average score divided by throws. Is automatically calculated. You choose the throws format(a) or (b)

� Occurrences of 180 or occurrences of any other throw from 1 to 180. (allocate your own points awarded for any particular throw)

� All points are aggregated at your choice, per player, per team , per week or month /year and printed in a report.

� Number of times a player scores 180 in weekly game or year to date.

� One hundred or more : records times a player scores 100 or more during a game.

� Personal highest score.

� Personal highest score occurrences.

� Records the highest team player score during the game.

� Number of times a player scores their personal highest.

� Times highest individual player peg. Weekly +year to date

� Records the highest individual player peg during the game weekly +year to date.

� You can have several screens open at the same time. For example if you are checking a players currant averages you can call up last weeks, last months or last years players details and be able to view all at the same time.