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      • Before you can input any data in Visual Darts you must fill out all the fields in the maintain menu: 
          1. Additional Points Allocation.
          2. Player Points Position.
          3. Rank.
          4. Grade.
          5. Club.
          6. Members.
          7. Users.
          8. Change Password.
          9. System configeration.
          10. All Star Points.
          11. Marks.
          12. Bulls.
            13. Triples.

        Q: How do I start inputting player scores.


        Once you have input the required information in the fields above you are then ready to input all the players score data.

        Note: Numbers 10, 11, 12, 13 relate to the awarding of points for certain scores in the game of Cricket. Numbers 1 to 9 relate to "Steel Tip" /"Soft Tip" By filling out all of the information needed in the Maintain menu the rest of Visual Darts becomes just a series of point and click with drop down boxes filled with options that you input when you filled out the Maintain menu.


            How can Visual darts store all the variations of infomation that can be called for  on the reports and handle the number of teams and clubs you say it can, it would take a huge data base to save everything.

        A: Visual Darts stores the raw data (this keeps the data base very small)and every input is given an ID number, This speeds up the data recall to just a fraction of a second when you want to view a report before printing Visual Darts creates all variations of reports on the fly.
        There is no need to save reports as any report is created immediatly. Saving all the combinations of the various reports would take up a huge amount of your computers memory. Visual Darts stores all the raw data in its database and will present it to you in your selected format layout.
        At any time you can select detaild reports per player or team for each week, or any number of weeks you can select a season commencing to date.

         You can check to see:

          who is the highest average.this week or year to date.
          Most double outs (pegs)

          • High personal scoring details.
            Highest Club and or team score.
            Number of times highest throw.
            100 and over (exact number) .
            Tracks double outs (Pegs) on Singles, Pairs (doubles) Trebles, and Teams game.
          • Number of 180's, Tracks non winning pegs where "best of 3 games is played, Tracks non winning pegs where "best of 3 games is played.


            I'm having difficulty in filling out the data boxes and getting started I just want to enter my teams scores.

        A. The Best and quickest way to get started is select the installation Option which has the practice database, this is "Custom" . From the choice box remove the tick from" Typical" which has the empty data base Being able to view a data base with information installed enables you to learn much quicker.

        You will find a context help file on every screen to guide you through the initial set up. Another easy way is to learn is to install visualdarts in two separate folders on you HD. Install "typical" in one folder and "Custom" in another folder. This will only take up Approx. 2meg of extra space on your HD while you are learning. Enter only the information that is supposed to go in a data box . We are always here at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to help you with any of your questions.


        Here is a tip if you want to practice,  save the .mdb file this holds the info.  then place this mdb file into another duplicate setup you can then experiment and mess it up as much as you like.

        After each weeks data input, copy the .mdb file to the duplicate site and you then have new data to play with It will also act as a backup. Also do not install over the trial version, delete it and download the Reg version.

        Also if you require help on and particular screen set up press F1  and you will get help and an image display of what you should do.

        Use with XP only not tested with vista or Win7

        We have received reports this works ok  on  Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

        There is a work around if you are running a 64bit system.
        Create a virtual directory and install win xp in that, then install visualdarts, It works as I have done it.