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Welcome to the Visual Darts Order Page. Our easy-to-follow steps will quickly ensure you get your Registered copy of Visual Darts , the worlds most comprehensive Automatic Darts Recorder ever produced. Your registration allows you to all (if any)bug fixes and minor upgrades.You will be advised by email when these occur.
I acknowledge that I have used the trail version of visualdarts and I am satisfied it does what I require.

*Please note that in STEP 1, all fields pertain to credit card processing only, and your order will not go through unless the address and postal code exactly match those of the cardholder.Download instructions and upgrade infomation will be sent to the Email address you enter

Step 1: Credit Card Billing Information (Required)**

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UK Customers£45.//  Australian Customers $133 // Rest of world US$95

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Please note that Visual Darts currently uses AA Direct for credit card processing. This means that a charge from "AA Direct Marketing" (rather than Visual Darts) will show up on your credit card statement.

Check your email about 2 minutes after submitting this order form
It will contain the site where you download the registered version and any upgrade patches.

I acknowledge that I have used the trail version of visualdarts and I am satisfied it does what I require. I further understand that once the RegKey and KeyCode are sent to me there is no refund. By completing this order I acknowledge that I have read this and fully understand and accept what it means.